Friday, December 11, 2009

Clean and Pretty Professional Dry Cleaners

I think these two images out of the three ad campaign were worth to spread around, beautifully done congrats, on these two, try to work some more on the third one to make it as good as these two

Rowenta Silence Force

a super cool solution, great execution, and furthermore super funny and smart, I wish every visual I saw had the same impact as this one great job to Publicis Frankfurt keep up the good work and keep raising the standar

Six Stars Air-Con Maintenance

super cool executions, the concept is good and easy to understand back in the day when I used to live in Miami some times my room felt like that kudos to Grey, keep up the good work

The Girl who lost her smile

Nice direction, but lately i been feeling that the paper cut outs is a last months trend, still i feel is so cool i was compeled to share it

Service Changes

Walking trough "Grand Central Station" I saw these weird posters, that caught my attention, so I stop to read them, ha ha ha they where really crazy, the execution was so simple I thought for a second that they where real, after reading them all I thought the CW was great, his/her words are really entertaining and made my wait in the metro more enjoyable, kudos to whom ever did this, now you are part of the stash

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gopher Broke


The UK's best handheld

Once you have a great concept, the execution is simple and to the point, on of the best things I have seen lately

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Te Lotus Awards

The usage of the olympic icons to create such a funny campaign its simply superb, also colors and concept and simplicity, make it a super enjoyable campaign

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