Sunday, May 16, 2010


By a random mistake I was able to see this video, searching for other stuff I found about Matt Frodsham’s work, and got so impressed on the quality and deepness of his work. Here are two shorts that I thought they where to good not to share with the rest of the planet

Two inches to the right

Two Inches to the Right from Matt Frodsham on Vimeo.


Words / Mat Lloyd
Animation / Matt Frodsham

*Winner of Shortcuts Film Festival 2009*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Million Dollars to get in

There is nothing better than a simple idea, and to prove the point DPZ, challenge people to break into a house and a vault. By using nothing more than simple science (you cant fold a piece of paper by halve more than 6 time, its simply impossible) they where able to stop people from going further, and to show how effective and reliable papaiz locks are…. Its simple so good I had to share it, good luck in Cannes this year my friends
Less is more

Advertising Agency: DPZ, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: José Zaragoza, Diego Zaragoza, Fernando Rodrigues, Rafael Urenha, Marcello Barcelos
Art Director: Bruno Landi
Copywriters: Alexandre Abu, Guilherme Fleury, Igor Cabó
Illustrator: Bruno Landi
Photographer: Leandro Viana
Published: October 2009

Colgate Total Floss

Colgate Total floss
I’m a sucker for illustrations, and when they are as good as this ones is hard not to stop and read the message, Y&R did it again, with this simple human truth, there are always places where things wont reach except floss, I learned that lesson back in the 90’s by watching pretty woman, one should always floss

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Alvaro Becker
Art Directors: Cristian Costa, Andres Echeverria
Copywriter: Tomas Cisternas
Illustrators: La mano, Miguel Vergara, José Isla, Silvana Mercado
Account manager: Pablo Gacitua

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lipton Yellow Lab

Inspiration can come from nowhere, but u can give it a little bust by drinking Lipton yellow lab teas according to this ad, they show in a really unique way the way instruments and their player come in to action while writing a song
Bottoms up people

Lalo is the first of a number of commercials each designed to elegantly peel back the layers of some of the worlds most inspired creations to the point of conception, revealing the craft behind the masterpiece. In each scenario a cup of Lipton Yellow Label tea provides the clarity of mind to complete the piece. The integrated campaign rolls out this month followed by print and online activity.

The Sip of Inspiration campaign was developed at DDB Paris by executive creative director Nick Bell, copywriter Olivier Lefebvre, art director Benjamin Marchal, executive agency producer Sophie Megrous.

Nick Bell, DDB Global Creative Director on Unilever comments on the campaign:
“The brief was to communicate that, due to Theanine, drinking tea helps you think more clearly. The Sip of Inspiration idea takes the argument to its logical conclusion and suggests that if you think and therefore work better when drinking tea, it can be a part of getting to much greater thoughts and work. This is how the Sip of Inspiration idea was born. It’s a huge, integrated and interactive campaign and Lalo is the launch film.”

Filming was shot in Prague over four days by director Noam Murro via Biscuit Filmworks USA and Les Télécréateurs, Paris, with senior executive producer Shawn Lacy, executive producers Colleen O’Donnell (Biscuit) and Erinn Lottthe Guillon (Les Telecreateurs), line producers Jay Veal (Biscuit) and Genevieve Triquet (Les Telecreateurs), director of photography Simon Duggan, production designer John Beard, working with Bohemian Pictures, Prague.

Noam Murro, a classically trained musician, was keen to take the challenge. “Music is my passion so bringing this script to life was great fun. A collaborative challenging job. Plus I drink tea all the time.”

Editor was Joe Guest. Music was produced by Peter Raeburn and Nick Foster at Soundtree, London. Sound was produced at Jungle Studios by James Saunders with French executive sound producer Jérôme Alquier.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evian Effect T shirts

To follow up a wonderful comercial Evian printed this super cool t-shirts, to keep reminding people to keep young, im actually wondering where can i get one great job dudes over there in Paris

Friday, April 16, 2010

Evian Effect

Cool campaign for Evian, the way its executed brings mor fun and coolness to the brand, and also & most important the user experience is great, why??? cause your smiling dummy

Yo Tambien Te quiero, pero

Avanti Pictures present: "Yo tambien te quiero, pero " a cool film about the difficulties of love when it comes to between ones feeling and friendship, nicely done, such a human truth