Monday, November 30, 2009

Canal Plus

Its all bout the story, I wish I thought of these instead of going out to the ledge a couple of years ago, simple great

Steve's sister

Every Gentleman should live by a code and most important to it, Honor it, Just love it

Science World

The latest instalment of Science Worlds long-running we can explain campaign features a bevy of older women and their favourite flavour of ice cream, thanks to this ad now I understand a lot of things bout my self.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Secrets of a good business

'A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.'
- Richard Branson -

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


MMmmm dont know what to feel about this, but it is worth it, post your comments


One of the greatest pieces of Advertising I have seen in a long time, good job Garmin

Sci-Fi Channel: Human suit

nothing like a good laugh, great job, this is simply to good not to be on the stash

Hannibal Lecter was the teacher

The client's brief called for helping their students gain a deeper appreciation of the culinary skills required in French cuisine. The target were 21 to 40 year old Malaysians participating in courses at the institute and whose only prior knowledge of French cuisine was, at best, that 'escargot' translated to 'snail'. McCann Erickson Malaysia dramatised the intricate workings within a French kitchen by using a symbol best associated with French cuisine, the point was made that not just anyone could become a French chef. You have to earn the privilege of going through many levels, as compared to the easier promotion in the cooking of other cuisine.

What's the worst that could happen?

A simple way to express what drug addiction do to humans, it kills them, nice aproche plus great art kudos to McKinney, Durham, USA

BMW M1 Concept


Most of us know when we see an ‘M’ on the back of the BMW passing us on the freeway, there’s virtually no way we’re going to catch up. The ‘M’ division BMW has recently revealed its latest concept — a tribute to their first mid-engine supercar originally manufactured by collaborative efforts of BMW and Lamborghini thirty years ago — the M1.

In the world of supercars, the M1 certainly looks like it will hold its own — an effortless blend of retro cool with revolutionary elegance. The new Liquid Orange M1 may only be a concept right now, but just know if you see those beady headlights quickly approaching from your rear view mirror, move out of the fast lane — you’re about to be overtaken!

Info: The cool Hunter

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti One-to-One Program

We've often wondered how certain high-end brands manage to maintain their global exclusivity especially as the number of millionaires and billionaires continues to skyrocket. Drive down prominent streets in Beverly Hills, Dubai, London and you're certain to pass more than a handful designer Italian and German sportscars. Chances are the valet parker at your local Ritz Carlton will have sat behind the steering wheel of cars totaling more money than most of us could only dream of making in a lifetime.

Thankfully the expert minds at Ferrari have devised a plan nearly guaranteeing you'll have a difficult time parallel parking between the same Ferraris your neighbours are driving around town. Ferrari customers are undoubtedly accustomed to getting what they want out of their cars, but now the ability to add personalisation has become paramount - and here's all you need to know:

Book a trip to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy where you will meet with a consultant in a special dedicated atelier area. Rivaling a personal fitting by Valentino for the Oscars, your consultant will welcome you to the new One-To-One Personalisation Program where you will design your own Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, accessory by accessory, detail by detail.

The front-engined rear-wheel drive flagship Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is the only two-door four-seater in the line. The 612 is available with Ferrari's SuperFast gearbox that allows a driver to shift the paddle shifters located on the steering column in an astonishing 100 milliseconds. Whilst shiftting away, the V12 is capable of reaching top speed of 320 kph.

The new model comes complete with an electrochromic panoramic roof that covers the length of the top of the cabin. With a turn of a knob, the entire ceiling changes from opaque to translucent, instantly adjusting the level of sunlight that may penetrate the interior.

OK, so we’ll admit that Ferraris are not quite as common as we make them sound, but we’re also sure it’s refreshing for some of you to know that with the assistance of a personal design consultant, you can soon be cruising the streets in a truly unique Ferrari.

Info: The cool Hunter

Veyron 16.4


We're back to tell you about another missed opportunity to add another supercar to your fleet. Bugatti has built the Veyron 16.4 'Pur Sang,' or 'pure blood.' The Veyron, a special addition version, is one of the world's fastest cars ever made with a top speed of over 400 kph. Again, all five models have been pre-purchased for approximately $2 million each.

Bugatti has been off the radar for quite some time, but with the introduction of the 'Pur Sang' clad in a revealing paintless carbon and aluminium structure, the Volkswagen-owned manufacturer has clearly repositioned itself among the world's most exclusive and exceptionally engineered automobiles.

Info: The cool Hunter

Lamborghini Reventon

Inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, US$1.5 million Lamborghini Reventon was unveiled. If numbers mean anything to you — the new supercar is powered by a 650hp 6.5L V12 engine, accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds and has a maximum speed of over 340 km/h. The Lamborghini design team used the technical base of their Murcielago LP640, compressed it and then amped it up. As with other current models, the Reventon is defined through its sharp edges, smooth surfaces and aerodynamic lines. Tempted as you may be, put away your cheque books and credit cards, all twenty models that will be manufactured are taken as the Lamborghini brand reinforces its legendary status.

Info: The cool Hunter

Heat tech

Ah, winter: Time to pile on layers of clothing, all to stay warm and dry. Or try something from Uniqlo's HeatTech line, a set of lightweight tees, socks and more that absorb your body moisture and convert it to heat. Bonus: It's super-thin, so you won't look like a snowball.

(Almost) Bulletproof Shades

The lenses on these slick, heavy-duty sunglasses are officially endorsed by the Japanese military because of their pretty-much-unbreakability; they've tested them by firing small objects at over 100 mph and dropping heavy iron rods on them, meaning you can finally learn to juggle knives!

Slip on these shades and you'll feel part of the army. The Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses have been officially endorsed by the Japanese military and not only look super cool, but are ultra strong as well. The lens will not fracture even if struck at 171km/h (106mph) by a 6.55mm (0.3") diameter object, nor do they shatter if a 500g shaft of iron is dropped on them from 1.27m! While they can't quite withstand an actual speeding bullet you get the idea!

The Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses feature:

Size: 16 x 15 x 4cm (6.3 x 5.9 x 1.6")
Lens thickness: 2mm (0.08")
Weight: 27-35g
Frames made of TPR/TR90
Comes with glasses box with emblem of JSDF

Lost Galleon

From a dude obsessed with diving for shipwreck treasure, Galleon's hawking a collection of money clips, rings, and cufflinks fitted with crazy-old valuable coins recovered from the great deep, letting you browse by coin category (Ancient Greek or Roman, Colonial Europe, Japanese Shogun, etc.) or specific shipwreck; each piece comes with its own map of origin and a certificate confirming its background and authenticity, cause there's nothing more embarrassing than people thinking you're running around with fake shipwreck cufflinks. Nothing.

find them at :

Initium Sunglasses

New looks from the Cali shade-makers
Any good rock star is rarely seen without his sunglasses, useful for keeping their too-cool-for-school rep, masking the ravages of the after-party, and hiding the unlovable face that forced them to become really good at music just to get laid. At music! Providing you that same option, Initium's Lifestyle Collection.

Available at :

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paints that care

At least now a days some one cares about the environment, TBWA, shows with this campaign, that Boysen paints do care, about the execution, I think its beautifully done, too bad it was done 3 posts ago, by Yoga and adidas, Did or didn't I said this was going to be the new trend.

Friday, November 20, 2009


To me this is Cannes material, great job, Im simply out of words, great job Y&R Argentina

How to fall into a war

Simply outstanding

Yellow Pages

Very cool, but most important simple to read + the fact that it is very interesting to look at, this had to belong to D Stash

Sweat it off

If Roland Semprie can guaranty this, he is my next personal trainer, great execution


Now with Adidas you can create your Adicolor, did I say that paint was the new tendency las post, way to go, but its getting old way to soon

Monday, November 16, 2009

LifeYoga Hot Sweat in Hong Kong

Sweat off your flab, is the New campaign for Life Yoga, i have to say that this campaign is going to inspire many men to go do bicram, and also its going to start a new trend on ad styles

Quality sleep makes everything easy.

If less is more JWT Honk Kong knows the recipe to make great ads with less noise, a strong concept is always great to execute congrats my friends

Friday, November 13, 2009

The grass is always greener on the other side

Day dreaming of how shity is your day is as common as a dollar bill, but have you ever wonder what is your dream dreaming of ?, with these ads Terra travel show you in such a perfect way how the grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence, its a invitation to leave behind the routine and travel to the unknown.. oldie, but goodie

New Balance - Feet

This ad is so clear, for all you non runners out there , this is something that happens even to the best of us while running, we some times hit the wall and it could be just because we are thinking about crazy shit like exhaustion or as simple as our feet, New balance did a great job showing this human truth in such a simple way congrats

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Awesome love story situated in Santorini, an island in greece

Project Cuddle

Have you ever feel the atrocity of ones mother forgetting about you at school while she thinks you are home, even though 4 5 years she nows that every wednesday is soccer practice at school, well think again there are thousands of kids being abandon at trash cans and alleys every year.

Every year thousands of babies are left on the streets, abandoned in alleys and trashcans. Help us give them a chance
The “Reach Out” campaign was created to make women aware of the horrors of this inhumane act. Abandonment is a reality and Project Cuddle gives newborns a chance to live .

This guerrilla campaign takes place in public baby changing stations. When a mother has to use the station, she will lay her child down on the newspaper in an alley scene so she can feel the disgust and horror these children feel first hand.

AD: Diego Rionda
Miami Ad School

King of the Stash

How crazy good looking we MEN look with our well groomed Mustache, why not allow your pet share of of that mojo
introducing the new mustache chewing ball for pets

Rebranding America

America the Ultimate brand, just finish reading the article, and I was blow away by 36 words in these article, and also because I never thought the the author felt like that about that particular subject ( I been listening to the author of these column since I can remember)

Rebranding America
Published: October 17, 2009

One imagines President Obama did the same when he heard about his Nobel, and not out of excitement.

When Mr. Obama takes the stage at Oslo City Hall this December, he won’t be the first sitting president to receive the peace prize, but he might be the most controversial. There’s a sense in some quarters of these not-so-United States that Norway, Europe and the World haven’t a clue about the real President Obama; instead, they fixate on a fantasy version of the president, a projection of what they hope and wish he is, and what they wish America to be.

Well, I happen to be European, and I can project with the best of them. So here’s why I think the virtual Obama is the real Obama, and why I think the man might deserve the hype. It starts with a quotation from a speech he gave at the United Nations last month:

“We will support the Millennium Development Goals, and approach next year’s summit with a global plan to make them a reality. And we will set our sights on the eradication of extreme poverty in our time.”

They’re not my words, they’re your president’s. If they’re not familiar, it’s because they didn’t make many headlines. But for me, these 36 words are why I believe Mr. Obama could well be a force for peace and prosperity — if the words signal action.

The millennium goals, for those of you who don’t know, are a persistent nag of a noble, global compact. They’re a set of commitments we all made nine years ago whose goal is to halve extreme poverty by 2015. Barack Obama wasn’t there in 2000, but he’s there now. Indeed he’s gone further — all the way, in fact. Halve it, he says, then end it.

Many have spoken about the need for a rebranding of America. Rebrand, restart, reboot. In my view these 36 words, alongside the administration’s approach to fighting nuclear proliferation and climate change, improving relations in the Middle East and, by the way, creating jobs and providing health care at home, are rebranding in action.

These new steps — and those 36 words — remind the world that America is not just a country but an idea, a great idea about opportunity for all and responsibility to your fellow man.

All right ... I don’t speak for the rest of the world. Sometimes I think I do — but as my bandmates will quickly (and loudly) point out, I don’t even speak for one small group of four musicians. But I will venture to say that in the farthest corners of the globe, the president’s words are more than a pop song people want to hear on the radio. They are lifelines.

In dangerous, clangorous times, the idea of America rings like a bell (see King, M. L., Jr., and Dylan, Bob). It hits a high note and sustains it without wearing on your nerves. (If only we all could.) This was the melody line of the Marshall Plan and it’s resonating again. Why? Because the world sees that America might just hold the keys to solving the three greatest threats we face on this planet: extreme poverty, extreme ideology and extreme climate change. The world senses that America, with renewed global support, might be better placed to defeat this axis of extremism with a new model of foreign policy.

It is a strangely unsettling feeling to realize that the largest Navy, the fastest Air Force, the fittest strike force, cannot fully protect us from the ghost that is terrorism .... Asymmetry is the key word from Kabul to Gaza .... Might is not right.

I think back to a phone call I got a couple of years ago from Gen. James Jones. At the time, he was retiring from the top job at NATO; the idea of a President Obama was a wild flight of the imagination.

General Jones was curious about the work many of us were doing in economic development, and how smarter aid — embodied in initiatives like President George W. Bush’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief and the Millennium Challenge Corporation — was beginning to save lives and change the game for many countries. Remember, this was a moment when America couldn’t get its cigarette lighted in polite European nations like Norway; but even then, in the developing world, the United States was still seen as a positive, even transformative, presence.

The general and I also found ourselves talking about what can happen when the three extremes — poverty, ideology and climate — come together. We found ourselves discussing the stretch of land that runs across the continent of Africa, just along the creeping sands of the Sahara — an area that includes Sudan and northern Nigeria. He also agreed that many people didn’t see that the Horn of Africa — the troubled region that encompasses Somalia and Ethiopia — is a classic case of the three extremes becoming an unholy trinity (I’m paraphrasing) and threatening peace and stability around the world

he military man also offered me an equation. Stability = security + development.

In an asymmetrical war, he said, the emphasis had to be on making American foreign policy conform to that formula.

Enter Barack Obama.
If that last line still seems like a joke to you ... it may not for long.

Mr. Obama has put together a team of people who believe in this equation. That includes the general himself, now at the National Security Council; the vice president, a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; the Republican defense secretary; and a secretary of state, someone with a long record of championing the cause of women and girls living in poverty, who is now determined to revolutionize health and agriculture for the world’s poor. And it looks like the bipartisan coalition in Congress that accomplished so much in global development over the past eight years is still holding amid rancor on pretty much everything else. From a development perspective, you couldn’t dream up a better dream team to pursue peace in this way, to rebrand America.

The president said that he considered the peace prize a call to action. And in the fight against extreme poverty, it’s action, not intentions, that counts. That stirring sentence he uttered last month will ring hollow unless he returns to next year’s United Nations summit meeting with a meaningful, inclusive plan, one that gets results for the billion or more people living on less than $1 a day. Difficult. Very difficult. But doable.

The Nobel Peace Prize is the rest of the world saying, “Don’t blow it.”

But that’s not just directed at Mr. Obama. It’s directed at all of us. What the president promised was a “global plan,” not an American plan. The same is true on all the other issues that the Nobel committee cited, from nuclear disarmament to climate change — none of these things will yield to unilateral approaches. They’ll take international cooperation and American leadership.

The president has set himself, and the rest of us, no small task.

That’s why America shouldn’t turn up its national nose at popularity contests. In the same week that Mr. Obama won the Nobel, the United States was ranked as the most admired country in the world, leapfrogging from seventh to the top of the Nation Brands Index survey — the biggest jump any country has ever made. Like the Nobel, this can be written off as meaningless ... a measure of Mr. Obama’s celebrity (and we know what people think of celebrities).

But an America that’s tired of being the world’s policeman, and is too pinched to be the world’s philanthropist, could still be the world’s partner. And you can’t do that without being, well, loved. Here come the letters to the editor, but let me just say it: Americans are like singers — we just a little bit, kind of like to be loved. The British want to be admired; the Russians, feared; the French, envied. (The Irish, we just want to be listened to.) But the idea of America, from the very start, was supposed to be contagious enough to sweep up and enthrall the world.

And it is. The world wants to believe in America again because the world needs to believe in America again. We need your ideas — your idea — at a time when the rest of the world is running out of them.

Bono, the lead singer of the band U2 and a co-founder of the advocacy group ONE and (Product)RED, is a contributing columnist for The Times.