Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Cuddle

Have you ever feel the atrocity of ones mother forgetting about you at school while she thinks you are home, even though 4 5 years she nows that every wednesday is soccer practice at school, well think again there are thousands of kids being abandon at trash cans and alleys every year.

Every year thousands of babies are left on the streets, abandoned in alleys and trashcans. Help us give them a chance
The “Reach Out” campaign was created to make women aware of the horrors of this inhumane act. Abandonment is a reality and Project Cuddle gives newborns a chance to live .

This guerrilla campaign takes place in public baby changing stations. When a mother has to use the station, she will lay her child down on the newspaper in an alley scene so she can feel the disgust and horror these children feel first hand.

AD: Diego Rionda
Miami Ad School

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